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Setting your security budget

14th April 2017 by Jon Roadnight

How does your Organisation decide how much money to spend on security?

With an ever-increasing need to justify and account for all forms of business expenditure, how does an organisation decide how big its security budget should be?

There is often pressure to deliver productivity improvements and this frequently results in the desire to reduce costs. Cost-reduction measures can be implemented through traditional programs, such as outsourcing, offshoring and strategic sourcing, but all too often they include other isolated cost-reduction activities of the kind that can leave security budgets misaligned with either the level of security risk or the needs of the business.

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Aligning Your Risk Management Budget

10th April 2017 byD r Philip Strand

Assessing an Age-Old Adage

A popular tenet of risk management that persists today states:

“One should never spend more on security than the value of the asset(s) being protected.”

This tenet was supported throughout the 1990s and early 2000s by many security scholars analysing newfound vulnerabilities in the budding computer networks of governments, businesses, and other ‘modernising’ organisations.

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