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Security Assurance by BRE-SABRE

Security Assurance by BRE (SABRE) is a security assessment and certification scheme for new and existing buildings, built infrastructure assets and managed space developed and supported by BRE Global Ltd (part of the BRE Group).

The scheme provides organisations with a framework that can be used during the design, construction and operation of assets to achieve better security outcomes and Return On Investment (ROI).

CornerStone are a SABRE licensed company (licence 007) and we have both Registered Assessors and Registered Professionals. Our consultants are able to address all the Registered Professional Criteria sectors as defined by the SABRE scheme.

  • Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS)
  • Threat
  • Risk
  • Strategy
  • Technical
  • Operations

SABRE focuses on the process of security risk management, and can therefore be used on construction projects and existing facilities of any size and at any location, whether multi-tenanted or mixed use, speculative or inclusive of fit-out, across the following sectors:

Sabre sector list

Every building is different, so there can be no ‘one size fits all’ security solution. For this reason, SABRE adopts a risk-based framework to ensure flexibility in approach, recognise all solutions that contribute to effective security and allow applicants to adopt an approach to security that is appropriate and proportionate.

SABRE certification allows organisations to evidence their commitment to security and communicate their ability to manage security risks. This provides valuable assurance to tenants, insurers, investors, regulators, planning authorities and other interested parties.

Utilizing the SABRE scheme on your next project will help contribute to better design and operations while enhancing security performance for all stakeholders. Early engagement of a CornerStone Suitability Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) as per the criteria set out in BREEAM, will ensure that security is ‘built in and not bolted on’ contributing to better integrated overall design. CornerStone can work with clients on new and existing facilities to take them through the certification process. CornerStone will work alongside the project team (new facilities) or building management (existing facilities) and gather evidence in support of the applicable scheme criteria.

Successful assessment results in a SABRE Rating and LPCB certification, which can be used to:

  • Communicate the security credentials of the facility to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Measure facility performance and target areas for future improvement and investment.
  • Benchmark performance across a portfolio of assets.
  • Demonstrate that a project has delivered on contractual requirements.

SABRE certification can provide a broad range of benefits including:

Sabre benefits list

The technical requirements and assessment criteria for the SABRE scheme are detailed in Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 2082 and BRE Global Scheme Document SD0229 respectively.

For more information about CornerStone’s security assurance service please do not hesitate to call us and arrange an appointment to discuss your particular areas of interest.
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