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BREEAM Hea 06 Security Needs Assessment (SNA)

Under the BREEAM scheme there is a point available towards the site or building’s rating if a Security Needs Assessment (SNA) is carried out and the recommendations are implemented.

The aim being to encourage the planning and implementation of effective measures that provide an appropriate level of security to the building and site. This will;

  • Encourage the development and implementation of security measures specific to the project
  • Improve the understanding of security risks to enable better consideration of required measures
  • Reduce the risk of crime relating to both people and property
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of the occupiers by limiting stress from the fear of crime

This BREEAM SNA consists of a project and site-specific assessment of security needs, including:

  • A visual audit of the site and surroundings, identifying environmental cues and features pertinent to the security of the proposed development
  • Formal consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the local ALO, CPDA and CTSA (as applicable), in order to obtain a summary of crime and disorder issues within the immediate vicinity of the proposed development
  • Identify risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential use of the buildings
  • Identify risks specific to the proposed, likely or potential user groups of the buildings
  • Identify any detrimental effects the development may have on the existing community

The purpose of the assessment is to inform stakeholder decision-making and allow the identification and evaluation of security recommendations and solutions.

Feelings of safety and security are essential to successful, sustainable communities. Freedom from crime and the fear of crime has a major impact on quality of life, and therefore effects the wellbeing and productivity of building occupants.

Therefore, consultation with the appropriate professionals is essential in determining the necessary security measures for any development. Through consultation with a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS), site-specific recommendations can be made to improve the security of the site.

CornerStone as a SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE) licenced company is able to provide security consultancy services to deliver the BREEAM Hea 06 Security Needs Assessment. As a SABRE registered company, CornerStone consultants are considered Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS) as required by Hea 06.

The BREEAM guidance requires that a SNA is to be carried out at RIBA Stage 2 (Royal Institute of British Architects). However, where a suitably qualified security specialist was consulted after stage 2, this credit may still be achievable if SQSS confirms that the implementation of security measures has not been restricted or are not possible as a result of their later involvement. CornerStone have provided consultancy services on a number of projects where this has been the case.

As a dedicated security consultancy, CornerStone consultants have real-world experience of the factors affecting security of the built environment plus the technical knowledge of possible solutions and systems. Should the project require it, CornerStone can provide additional Risk and Engineering Design services to the professional team.

The scope of the recommended security controls may consider the following:

  • Design and layout, crime prevention through environmental design
  • Physical security, tested and certified security products
  • Technological security such as automatic access control systems, CCTV

As part of the Security Needs Assessment, CornerStone carry out a review of crime and disorder issues in the immediate vicinity, perform a visual screening assessment of the site and surroundings and identify the risks and appropriate mitigations, both passive and active, to ensure an effective security solution for the proposed development.

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