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CornerStone Security Performance Management & Audits

How are your security systems performing?
Does your system achieve its original objective?
Does your your system have errors and faults that are masked or have been left unaddressed?

Once installed, it is easy for Security System performance to degrade and for its original intent to be forgotten.

Our System Performance Audit will consider the original commissioning data along with the Operational Requirement to identify exactly what the system should be achieving. This process alone can identify gaps between the original design intent and it’s current use but it will also identify whether the systems are effective at delivering their present security objectives.

Once established, the CornerStone Performance Management process is designed to ensure system performance is returned to as close to the day it was installed as possible and then be maintained year-on-year through a wide-ranging, on-going Performance Management programme, safeguarding technical and financial performance throughout the rest of it’s installed life.

CornerStone work closely with System Managers and contracted Service and Maintenance providers to set Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that help monitor and manage system and service providers performance, ensuring that your security provision is always able to respond appropriately and that services are delivered competitively.

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