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Security System Design

The design of a security system is a science not an art.

The choice of equipment, the required operational outcomes, the need to conform with a large range of national and international standards dictates that it’s an exercise that requires a deep technical understanding as well as a broad based experience to ensure that it is delivered successfully.

CornerStone will consider many factors when designing a security system. The most important issue however, is that as independent advisors we have the opportunity to define solutions to our client’s security challenges with no other agenda or restrictions in mind. We only seek to find the right technical, practical and most cost effective result to meet our clients requirements. Our reputation has been built upon achieving this objective with the use of innovative tools, years of experience and a desire to deliver excellence wherever we work.

As independent security consultants we have the expertise and experience across a range of security systems to ensure that even in the most complex, high security environments we are able to deliver the same high quality output. By using 3d modelling techniques and the latest digital data transmission calculators we are able to provide accurate and comprehensive system designs that encompass interoperable products, selected to meet the defined operational requirements.

Our design services can incorporate any security product and will generally include the following system types:

  • Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and other integration platforms
  • Access Control and Alarm Management
  • Intruder Detection systems
  • Data Network Integration
  • Security fencing solutions
  • White and Infra-red lighting
  • PIDS (Perimeter intruder detection systems)
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Security Control Room and Security Operation Centre design
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
  • Mailroom Design
  • Radiological detection
  • Waterways security

We can work with your own corporate standard products or help you select the most suitable system solutions based on your operational requirements. We have the technical knowledge and experience to ensure that our security system design service meets your expectation and provides the quickest possible Return on Investment.

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