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What we do We provide a range of Security Design, Engineering and Risk Management Services.

CornerStone is an award winning, independent security, cyber and risk consultancy firm providing a range of Security Design, Engineering and Risk Management Services. We help organisations protect their people, premises, intellectual property and profits by identifying security threats and minimising the risks that today's global businesses face.

We provide some of the largest and most successful companies in the world with expert guidance, unbiased advice and support across our specialist areas of activity.

Cyber Security

Risk based cyber security services.

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Security Risk Assessment

It’s not just about identifying and quantifying your risks.

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Operational Requirements
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System Design

The design of a security system is a science not an art.

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Project Management

The success of a project is dependent on its management.

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Performance Management

How are your security systems performing?

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Situational Awareness

Including data gathering & evaluation, confirmation, response & reporting.

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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Reduce the opportunity of a vehicle being used in a hostile way.

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Penetration Testing

Pinpoint weaknesses and flaws in the existing security infrastructure.

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Security Training

Training programmes developed to target particular needs.

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Integrated Security Risk Management

Understanding the security risk profile of a business is essential.

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Security Needs Assessment

BREEAM HEA Security Needs Assessment and benefits.

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Security Assurance by BRE-SABRE

Bolster better Return On Investment with this scheme.

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Other Services

From security room control to cost analysis and control.

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CornerStone are award winning, Independent Security Consultants. We work with a broad range of corporate and public sector clients, supporting them to deliver their security objectives.

Within our Security Engineering Team we offer a range of interrelated services. A strong security system design capability allows us to design security system solutions that incorporate a broad array of products and technology. Our designs are based upon the latest international standards and can incorporate CPTED and Secured by Design principles. We also focus heavily on defining our client’s precise requirements ensuring that these are compared with the final design solution. In addition to the use of technology our inclusive approach enables us to incorporate security personnel as well as policy and procedures as part of our overall offering. We have an unrivalled ability to deliver holistic solutions that address our clients security objectives and release value to our clients businesses.

The technology that will be utilised within our system design process may include:

  • Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and other integration platforms
  • CCTV
  • Access control and Alarm Management
  • Data Network Integration
  • Security fencing solutions
  • White and Infra-red lighting
  • PIDS (Perimeter intruder detection systems)
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Remote monitoring solutions
  • Radiological detection
  • Security Control Room and Security Operation Centre design
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)
  • Mailroom and screening
  • Waterways security

In addition to security system design our Security Engineering Team have the expertise to deliver a range of complementary activities that includes the following:

Development of Operational Requirements (OR’s)
As part of our design process we utilise a technique developed from the original approach devised by The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) to define the Operational Requirements of our client. Covering both strategic and operational levels, we establish a broad range of key information that will drive our design activity and influence the selection of the most appropriate solutions.
Feasibility Studies
We work with our clients technical teams or alone to define the feasibility of a range of scenarios from the use of particular technology to establishing whether operational requirements can be delivered.
Project Management
We have a fantastic Project Management capability, delivered by an experienced team of practitioners. Our delivery process has been developed using PRINCE2 methodology and is aligned to the latest RIBA construction phases, so we are able to apply it to new construction projects as well as existing facilities.
Budget Development
Should you need to develop budgets for the preparation of a business case or to justify capital or operational expenditure, we can assist using a range of benchmarked rates to help the cost evaluation process.

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We provide some of the largest and most successful companies in the world with expert guidance, unbiased advice and support across our specialist areas of activity.

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