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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

The use of vehicles in a hostile manner is not a new concept. Whether as a method to defeat physical barriers or to cause mass casualties with the delivery of explosive devices, vehicles can pose a significant threat.

Even without any malicious intent, high speed, out of control vehicles can cause devastation if they are not protected against.

CornerStone offer a comprehensive Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) design service that utilises the principles of PAS 69:2013 and IWA14:2013 plus other international standards. By using well developed security engineering techniques that can reduce the opportunity of a vehicle being used in a hostile way we can lessen the impact that such an incident would have.

Our HVM Engineering Team will consider all aspects of a location as well as the potential vehicle threats such as vehicle shape, size, speed and angle of approach, to allow sufficient mitigation measures to be deployed.

Our HVM design service can be conducted at any stage, from new developments and building structures, through to active and occupied sites and buildings.

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